International Consulting


  • As UNIDO Consultant in Mexico, performed and directed a study on the demand of Capital Goods (equipment and materials) by the Refining and Petrochemical industries over the years 1977-1986. Developed new methodologies applicable to Capital Goods projects in developing countries for the technical characterization of demand and its analysis in weight and cost (6 months assignment in Mexico City).
  • Performed and directed in 1982, a study aimed at proposing petrochemical projects for investment by the Nacional Financiera Investment Bank, Mexico, identifying prospects in view of world wide trends.
  • As UNIDO Consultant, was assigned a mission in 1978 to consult and meet with leaders of the petrochemicals industry in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Qatar in order to prepare for a dialogue between producers in these countries and industrialists in Europe and the US. The purpose was to eliminate restrictions imposed by these markets on the import of petrochemicals’ basic products.
  • Member of UNIDO Expert Panel on Petrochemicals. The Panel was composed of 13 international experts invited in their individual capacities to identify the basis and targets of the first World-Wide Dialogue between developing countries and industrialized countries aiming at increasing the share of developing countries in the production of petrochemicals, Vienna 1977-78.
  • Member of UNIDO Expert Panel which met in 1981 in Vienna to develop a UNIDO Model Agreement for the Licensing of Patents. The Panel was composed of 10 members representing important licensors and licensees invited in their individual capacities.
  • Member of UNIDO Expert Panel in Vienna in December 1993 on “Hi-Tech. Spin-offs in Developing Countries“.


Under a Consultancy Agreement, participated as an expert in a techno-economic study for the development of the fertilizer industry in Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Tunisia, and Libya. Field assessments were made by visiting fertilizer plants in all countries and phosphate mines in Tunisia.

3. PDSR:

Directed for the owner a complete feasibility study on a new grass root export refinery (250 MBPD), applying latest process technologies such as residue hydrodesulphurization and heavy oil fluidized Cat. Cracking. Estimated project investment was 1.1 billion dollars.