Sonatrach – Algeria




1. Skikda Refinery Project (1971-1974)

    This was a major chemical Refinery which included BT Extraction, Para-Xylene separation and bitumen.

    Performed the following tasks:

    2. “Direction Petrochimie” (1968-1971)

      Worked mainly during this period on the following two projects:

      2.1      The Arzew Refinery: A Hydroskimming Refinery, a lube Oil Plant and a Bitumen Section. (Refinery Crude thruput 60 MBSD).

      2.2      Skikda Petrochemical Complex: For the production of ethylene, polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene (L.D.).

      Activities on these projects related to the critical examination of offers and negotiations with bidders. Both projects were turn-key lumpsum which required complete plant definition prior to contract signature.

      Performed the following functions:

      I/ Critical Examination of Offers:

      –         For Omissions and incompletions in process and mechanical specifications.

      –         Conformity to inquiry and codes.

      –         Scope of equipment supply.

      –         Material selection and erosion allowances.

      –         Conceptual engineering solutions.

      –         Final licensor selection.

      –         Overall lay-out and Units’ plot plans.

      –         Engineering and fabrication standards.

      –         Adequacy of equipment sizing or oversizing.

      –         P & I diagrams: conception, operability, flexibility and instrumentation.

      –         Safety in design (relief) and lay-out; completion of safety and firefighting facilities.

      –         Process dependent auxiliary facilities such as storage (products and intermediate), cooling water system, flare and blowdown systems, effluents and waste treatment.

      –         Examination of plot plan, equipment design, and standardization for convenience in maintenance.

      –         Utilities, Catalysts and Chemicals consumptions.

      –         Compared degree of economic optimization for best overall material balance (materials processed and products and by-products produced).

      –         Inspected suppliers lists.

      –         Products qualities and conformity to specifications.

      II/ Negotiations:

      Negotiations with licensors and bidders:

      –         Negotiated guarantees.

      –         Negotiated for completion and quality of engineering and materials (items under I)

      –         Negotiated penalties.

      –         Negotiated acceptance procedure and execution schedule and technical assistance during and after start-up.

      –         Aided contractor in preparing technical annexes and inspected the latters for completion and fitness for approval.